Yoga Rewards

Ongoing discounts for yoga students.

Save every time you attend any class!

Incall Only in North Kihei

The therapist recommends yoga for better results in therapy, as it has helped heal his own severe injuries, time and time again.

If you choose to participate in yoga classes, the therapist is willing to give you credit towards your next massage!

The therapist is happy to do this for anyone willing to participate! You can be brand new to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner!

Present one proof of class participation (per visit), such as:
  • a dated paper receipt (that's obviously from a studio)
  • e-receipt from Square, etc
  • A class package receipt is acceptable for the first one, but for further discounts on the same package, you need to provide evidence that you did go to class (such as suggested below)
  • photo of your name on a dated class sign-in sheet
  • self-photo of yourself in the studio or with a willing teacher (after class, not during... please do not interrupt class or harass teachers for photos, that's rude and missing the point)
  • class group photo including yourself (anyone in the photo qualifies... again, please don't interrupt class for photos, be respectful)
  • Gym / YMCA / Other monthly memberships are not accepted as proof. The therapist appreciates you have one, but please prove you did participate in a recent yoga class they offer, by providing one of the alternatives above.
  • Facebook "check-ins" are not accepted. (Sorry! They can be logged whether or not someone is actually at a studio location or event, even by other people. If this changes, feel free to let me know to verify such changes.)

  • The therapist does not need a copy, he only needs to see it!

Home Practice
  • If you practice at home, you may record a video of your practice using your phone, tablet, etc to show to the therapist. (It should be a practice of sufficient length and content to earn the same credit as someone going to class. Photos not accepted.)

Why is Proof Required?
  • Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as you are, and some will say whatever they need to say to get what they want. Respectfully, these discounts are for those who do take time to do yoga. Mahalo!

  • The provider reserves the right to limit redemptions as his schedule requires. (Existing reservations are not affected.)

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All services are non-refundable.

Hawaii Tax of 4.166% included.

Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX  

accepted onsite using Square

A 3.99% processing fee is 

charged for all credit cards.

(Estimate $2.00 for every $50.00, or multiply total x 1.0399)