We all have health issues and challenges. This is one of mine.

I have a hearing disability called auditory processing disorder (or APD) which can be vaguely described as "dyslexia for hearing." I communicate well in person, because being able to see who I'm listening to allows lip movement to help frame what I'm hearing in context. I also do well over text and email, but phone calls are an ongoing challenge.

Seeing lip movement helps me anchor the soundtrack, but over the phone I don't have that to assist me. I can hear sounds just fine, but the order of those sounds will switch places, as in "the receiver works well, but the interpreter is wonky." Sometimes it's the individual sounds moving around, sometimes entire words. Occasionally words may drop out completely, so I end up playing mental substitution games like I'm living in an ongoing Mad Lib exercise. Speaking louder doesn't help, it’s still scrambled at a higher volume.

Online Scheduling is available here on the website (below) to help provide instant access to pricing, promotions, and availability, but everyone is welcome to contact me to ask questions. It is best to sms/text or email me, so I can read and understand them better.

If you leave me a voicemail, I can play it back enough times to get used to the sound of your voice... which helps with my ability to understand, but not entirely. I may ask you to sms/text or email me certain info, if I cannot understand it from your message.

Mahalo for your understanding, I look forward to working with you!

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