Reservations Policy

Aloha! Please note there is a strict reservations and cancellations policy.

The owner would truly prefer operating under the honor system, but due to no-shows and late cancellations a credit card is required to confirm and guarantee a reservation. No prepayment is required, but a card must be on file to secure your appointment, and you must cancel with proper notice to avoid a late fee. When booking online, the owner cannot see your full card details.

Without a securing credit card, the owner is still willing to schedule you on standby, with no commitments, to be confirmed a couple of hours beforehand.

Beyond that, the therapist is a relaxed, easy going person to work with. Your massage is tailored to your needs, the therapist is generous with his time, and he is reasonably negotiable about almost anything regarding the content of your treatments.

Further explanation is provided below if you need to know more, feel free to get in touch. Mahalo!

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  • Reservations secured with a credit card have first priority.
    Provide a credit card number to secure your appointment, guaranteeing it is reserved for you, and not available online. When booking online, the owner cannot see your full details.

  • Unsecured bookings on standby.
    Unsecured bookings are considered "tentative" and unconfirmed. The appointment will remain available for secured booking, and confirmed shortly before. (No commitments or guarantees.)

  • Appointments for Today are final. There often is not enough time between sessions to make last-minute space available for others. For same-day bookings, please be certain beforehand!

  • Appointments for Tomorrow may be canceled without incurring a late fee as long as the cancellation is received within 2 hours after confirmation.

  • Advanced bookings must be canceled by 9:00 AM the day before your visit, so the space can be made available for other clientele. (24 hrs minimum notice for a 9:00 AM slot.)

  • Late cancellations for appointments the next day are charged 25% of the undiscounted price ($25 minimum) if the vacancy is not filled. Same-day cancellations are charged 50%.

  • Rescheduling after the deadlines above is still a late cancellation. You cannot repeatedly reschedule your appointment at the last minute to avoid a late cancellation fee.

  • If the therapist needs to cancel late, you save 50% off your next session!

  • Everyone is granted one late cancellation, no questions asked, following the first paid visit. After that it has to be an emergency (more below). Please, plan carefully. Too many visitors overbook themselves, and try to cancel at the last minute. Deadlines are firm, no passes for first-time bookings.

  • To help you remember your appointment and arrive on time, automatic email reminders are sent 48 hours and 24 hours before your appointment, with a final reminder 2 hours before via text message to your mobile phone number (when you book online).

Emergency Cancellations

The owner understands that sometimes emergencies do arise, and that short-notice cancellations occur that should and will be forgiven. Matters of life and death, injury, sickness and other genuine tragedy are considered obvious exceptions to this policy. However, if it's not really an emergency, please don't represent it as one. Mahalo!

  • FAQ:  I'm a resident, am I required to secure my appointments?
    You are welcome to book an appointment on standby with no commitment. For a guaranteed reservation, with first priority, it does need to be secured.

  • FAQ:  If someone requests my unsecured spot, will you give me a chance to secure it first?
    To guarantee a hold, an appointment must be secured before someone else asks for it. Until then, you can call to add a method at any time to secure your appointment.

  • FAQ:  How do I secure a guaranteed spot without a credit card?
    You may mail in a check or other payment for 50% of the regular cost of the service you intend to schedule. Until that payment is received, any bookings are on standby. Once accepted, you will be notified, and your current or next booking is considered secured. You may then use that pre-payment towards your appointment, paying the remaining balance at the time of service... or you can pay the full cost at time of service, with your pre-payment remaining on record to secure another appointment.

FAQ: Why is a Payment Method Required to Hold Reservations?

Unfortunately, some do not respect the above cancellation deadline and will cancel within hours or even minutes of their appointment for any reason at all, or they simply don't show up.

Therefore, to prevent such abuse and discourage late cancellations and no‑shows, a credit card on file or alternative prepayment of 50% is required to secure and guarantee all reservations (including when paying with cash.)

Credit cards are verified with a one‑time $1.00 charge. Checks (etc) are deposited, not held.

As long as you are community-minded, practice aloha for others, and provide the therapist proper notice of cancellation (barring emergencies), nothing further is charged to a securing credit card. Mailed-in prepayments can be applied to future appointments with proper cancellation notice.

Credit cards can be provided securely when booking online, or to the owner via (808) 463‑7734. (Please do not text or email your credit card information, for security. Via online or phone only!)

NOTE: When booking online, the owner cannot see your full credit card details.

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch. Mahalo!

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Reservation & Cancellation Policies

All services are non-refundable.

Hawaii Tax of 4.166% included.

Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX  

accepted onsite using Square

A 3.99% processing fee is 

charged for all credit cards.

(Estimate $2.00 for every $50.00, or multiply total x 1.0399)