Aloha! Please note there is a strict reservations and cancellations policy.

  • Online Booking is required for both STANDBY requests and SECURED reservations, from the Incall Menu or the Outcall Menu.

  • No cancellations via phone or voicemail. Cancellations must be made via either:

    - a text message to 808‑463‑7734,
    - an email to [email protected],
    - or both, to ensure one is delivered.

    iMessage users get automatic delivery receipts.

  • Further details below.

    Standby Requests

  • STANDBY requests are considered tentative and unconfirmed. The appointment remains open for secured booking, and may only be confirmed a couple of hours before the requested time, if it can be accommodated.

  • No credit card required.

  • Absolutely no commitments or guarantees... it's standby.

    Secured Reservations

  • SECURED reservations require a securing credit card, and are automatically confirmed. The time is reserved until you cancel it, and is subject to the cancellation policy below.

  • The securing card is only charged for late cancellations or no-shows, although a temporary pre‑authorization for the reservation total may be placed to verify any new card as valid. Insufficient funds usually results in cancellation. Any authorization is released after the appointment.

  • If you use a gift credit card or virtual credit card, be sure it has sufficient funds to cover the reservation total in the shopping cart.

  • You may pay with cash, credit card, ApplePay, or AndroidPay at time of service.

  • Please bring payment method with you (even if using the securing card.)

  • Please have ID if paying with a credit card.

  • To help you remember your appointment and arrive on time, automatic email reminders are sent 48 hours and 24 hours before your appointment, with a final reminder 2 hours beforehand via both email and a text message to your mobile phone number.


  • For late cancellations and no-shows, the full price (100%) of the reservation is charged to the securing credit card on file.

  • No same-day cancellations, it's late.

  • Next-Day Reservations (for Tomorrow) may be canceled within 60 mins (1 hour) of confirmation. After that grace period to review your plans, it is considered final, subject to the terms above.

  • Advanced Bookings (2 or more days in advance) must be canceled and received by the owner by 9:00 AM the day before your visit. Example: a reservation made two or more days in advance for Tuesday (at any time) must be canceled by 9:00 AM on Monday. This is firm.

  • Rescheduling after the deadlines above is still a late cancellation.

    Please, plan carefully.

Emergency Cancellations

All late cancellations and no-shows are automatically charged to the card on file.

When provided evidence of extenuating circumstances, the owner may provide a full or partial refund back to the securing card, or allow you to apply the full amount or a portion towards rescheduling the booking (at owner's discretion, dependent on circumstances.)

Outside of emergencies, residents are allowed one late cancellation without penalty, no questions asked, in the form of full credit towards rescheduling the appointment (the securing card will still be charged.) After that, it has to be an emergency to receive a refund or credit.

If it's not really an emergency, please don't represent it as one.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I pay with cash (or something else), what happens to the securing card on file?
    Any pre-authorization will automatically expire after a short period of time. Upon request, the owner can go into the system to manually release it sooner. The owner is also happy to send a message to the phone and/or email on record, confirming receipt of cash or other payment, and that nothing will be charged to your card. (Cards on file are stored by a third party processor, the owner cannot see any details, only issue authorizations, charges and refunds.)

  • I'm a resident, am I required to secure my appointments?
    You are welcome to book an appointment on standby with no commitment. For a guaranteed reservation, it does need to be secured.

  • Once I secure an appointment, am I required to secure it every time?
    No. For each booking, you always have the option to choose "secured" or "standby" from the menu. A credit card is only required for "secured" bookings.

  • If someone books my requested standby time as a secured reservation, may I have a chance to secure it first?
    Unfortunately, no. To guarantee a hold, an appointment must be secured before someone else reserves it as such. Until then, it will still be available for online booking. You can book the same appointment again at any time (via the website menu), by choosing the "secured" method, and completing that process. Otherwise, the standby system is completely automated, and you'll only get a direct reply from the therapist if a standby request can be accepted.

If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch. Mahalo!

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All services are non-refundable.

Hawaii Tax of 4.166% included.

Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX  

accepted onsite using Square

A 3.99% processing fee is 

charged for all credit cards.

(Estimate $2.00 for every $50.00, or multiply total x 1.0399)