Online Booking Guide

Required for STANDBY / UNSECURED reservations:

  • first and last name

  • email address (able to receive a verification email)

  • phone number (for a text reminder)

For a SECURED, guaranteed reservation:

  • securing credit / debit card (placed on file, no prepayment)

STEP-BY-STEP FOR VISITORS   (or those not needing an account):

Be sure to enter your email address correctly the first time with this option, otherwise you will not receive a verification email to complete your order, and will need to start over!


It's recommended that you register first (to verify your email address), to ensure you receive emails properly before you book appointments. Otherwise, if there's an error while entering your email address during check out, you may lose the entire order due to a typo, and will need to start over. If you have registered, and have signed in before completing your booking, there are generally no such accidental problems.