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1: Enter your Information

Customer Info Entry Screenshot

  • Enter first and last name, email, phone number. (International numbers may not work.)

    IMPORTANT: Be sure to spell your email address correctly! Check it twice! If your email is not correct, then you cannot receive an email to verify your account, and you will not be able to confirm appointments! Any other mistakes here can be fixed by the owner later, but if your email is wrong, you will need to register again.

  • Choose and verify a password.

  • After verifying your information is correct, click "Register" button.

2: Check your email!

  • When you see the screen below, check both inbox and spam for a verification message!

Check Email Screenshot

  • Usually the email arrives in just a few moments. If it doesn't arrive after 10 minutes, usually your email was changed somehow by autocorrect or some other glitch, and it's usually best to just try again: Register

  • If you still don't get a message after a second try, please email the owner! You can also SMS text him here!

3: Open the email, click the verification link.

Verification Email Screenshot

4: Registration Complete!

  • Once you see this screen, you can use your email address and password to sign into your Full Slate account for booking, without also entering your full name and phone each time.

Registration Complete Screenshot

  • Once you see this screen, you can close that particular tab before continuing.

5: Begin your order on Sabai's website menus.

6: Booking on a New Device.

  • For security, if you try booking an appointment from a different computer or device than the one you registered on, the system will send another verification email (with a link you need to click) to confirm that the new device is authorized by you for making appointments.

  • It will do this for every new device or computer.

  • After clicking the confirm link, your appointment will be completed, with no need to enter information again.

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Reservation & Cancellation Policies

All services are non-refundable.

Hawaii Tax of 4.166% included.

Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX  

accepted onsite using Square

A 3.99% processing fee is 

charged for all credit cards.

(Estimate $2.00 for every $50.00, or multiply total x 1.0399)