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  • Any amount $10 to $2,000
  • Purchase Online via Square
  • Have it emailed to yourself or a friend
  • Schedule delivery via email for a later date
  • Check your balance or add funds any time

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Online Booking: Getting Exempt from Credit Card Requirements

When booking online, the system requires a credit card to secure a reservation, unless it has already been set for you to be exempt.

If you've never booked an appointment before, the only way to be exempt in the system is to first create an account (with just your name, email and phone number), then ask the owner to exempt that new account before you make a reservation.

If you are not concerned about having to place a credit card on file to secure your appointment (even when using a giftcard), then the steps below are unnecessary, and you can book an appointment right away as normal from the incall page or outcall page menus.

(NOTE: it is still a good idea to register an account with your email before booking, using the first step below. Click for an explanation.)

To get a credit card exemption for gift cards:
  • Register an Account

    - this creates a record in the system to be exempt;
    - the owner is unable to do anything without this;

  • Complete the account email verification.

    - check for a security email after registering;
    - click the link to verify your email address;

  • Send an email to "[email protected]" (from the same email address registered), requesting exemption from the credit card requirement with a prepaid gift card.

    - Please include your gift card's number to verify, or forward a copy or screenshot of your purchase to help match you;

  • Wait for an exemption confirmation from the owner.

  • Book your massage as normal from the incall or outcall menus.

    - use the "Secured Booking" option at checkout;
    - your gift card will secure your appointment;

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All services are non-refundable.

Hawaii Tax of 4.166% included.

Visa, MC, Discover & AMEX  

accepted onsite using Square

A 3.99% processing fee is 

charged for all credit cards.

(Estimate $2.00 for every $50.00, or multiply total x 1.0399)