Reviews & Feedback

"I had to email to let you know that I had the most amazing thai massage sessions last night with one of your program graduates. Matthew has a wonderful energy about him, and has a very good sense of hand positioning, body mechanics, use of deep pressure, etc. His enthusiasm for the work shows clearly in his speech and mannerisms. I feel very blessed to have found someone in this area who has been trained in the traditional thai healing work (I am a licensed Physical Therapist and also a Certified Thai Yoga Therapist, and Matthew is the first therapist who I have worked with in the DC area who has the right combination of personality, energy and practical application of skills to provide a truly blissful healing session.)"
     ~ Ann A, 2004 (sent to the Tao Mountain School)

Thai Massage Plough

"The plough (pictured) is so awesome!! I continue to marvel at what it does for the body and that I can do it. My neck and shoulders are already feeling better, and it is helping to loosen up other areas as well. What an upper! MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU!!!"
     ~ Penny W, 2004
      (read her whole testimonial here)

"I received my first thai massage from Sabai Massage in Maui and did not want it to end! Was so relaxing and soothing and I loved feeling my body stretched like that!"
     ~ Chandra K

"Travel always makes me stiff in places. Upon arriving on Maui, I booked an appointment with Matthew. It was awesome, priced fairly, and effective. I couldn't believe that two hours could go by so quickly. I felt the benefits for days after and am so glad I found him online. Thanks, Matthew!"
     ~ Marilyn

"I have regular massages for over 30 years and have not found anyone that is as knowledgeable about body mechanics than Matthew. I feel restored and rejuvenated when I've completed a treatment with Matthew. He's the best!"
     ~ Kathleen S

"Matthew is a Master at his craft. I have had severe cramping and pain in my hands for many years. In just one session he was able to find those points that needed to release and I could instantly feel my hands become light. I have not had the cramping reoccur. Matthew is a very clear and expert communicator. Through stretching and acupressure treatment, I can feel my life force flowing peacefully through every atom and cell. It takes dedication and effort to turn our lifestyles around and Matthew can guide you in this journey."
     ~ Sofia G

"I had never experienced Thai massage before, but after a session with Matthew, I was hooked. I could feel changes not only in my muscles and body alignment but also in the flow of energy in my body. Highly recommended."
     ~ Stacy S

"My bodywork session was a deep, relaxing, effective and nurturing experience. Matthew has an amazing sense of muscle mechanics, working with the synergy of the whole body. He has a keen listening with his hands that allows the body to respond and release with more permanent results, reaching places of tension that are hard to access with just my yoga practice. I felt an immediate calm and trust with him. He has extensive knowledge and comes from a place of sincere service in supporting one's journey towards balance, health and ease of movement."
     ~ Audrey P

"This past year I have noticed many changes in my body, that have slowly but surely been limiting my activities & lifestyle. I do not want to slip into the abyss of sedentary life, so in realizing how stiff and restricted in range of motion I have become... I choose to change! I love bodywork, and had heard about the basics of Thai massage from a friend. So I went online to see if it was available here on Maui, and found "Sabai Massage Therapy." My first session of Thai massage was incredibly enlightening,and amazingly energizing. Now, after my second session,I am totally convinced that I have found the exact method of bodywork that will help me regain my healthy posture, vibrant energy, and freedom of movement!!! Matthew is a wonderful massage therapist/practitioner, with a firm but gentle touch, a warm engaging personality, and plenty of positive energy! I am very excited to have found this pathway to a happier, healthier body!"
     ~ Derry L

"I feel like I am in a brand new body after one of Matthew's massages. The stretching techniques and deep tissue work do wonders for me. I would recommend that anyone with fibromyalgia give Matthew a try. You won't be sorry."
     ~ Betty W