Donations & Crowdfunding

Aloha! Mahalo for your interest!

I would like to transition the school into a much more community-focused resource, with no-cost, low-cost and by-donation classes for the public, as well as much reduced pricing on professional Continuing Education (CE) courses, so the cost of learning for credit and experience isn't a roadblock for therapists, and learning just for fun can be accessible and practically free.

To reach those at home or outside of Hawaii entirely, I built a livestreaming system to broadcast demos, in-person classes, long-distance courses and Q&As via YouTube and Twitch. I'm in need of a space appropriate for providing such public content with volunteers.

To provide this in a reliable way to benefit the community, I need support to have expenses covered, regardless of how many are attending at any given time, or how much anyone is paying. Otherwise, I already have all the equipment necessary. A dependable location and ongoing funding are the hurdles.

If enough supporters are willing to donate or subscribe at $3 a month ($36 annually) or more, through Patreon, Paypal, or other platforms, the funding can outgrow the need, and the rest is taken care of. An excess of funds means that expenses are already covered for months or more in advance, and I can focus on teaching classes to whomever wants to learn.

If you'd like to assist, your support can help subsidize:

  • Renting an in-person learning space

  • Utility and Operating costs

  • Supplies (herbs for herbal classes, etc)

  • Ideally an assistant to help manage participants, necessary communications, etc

  • Reasonable costs of living for the instructor (assuming teaching is full time with no other income)

Any support is appreciated, mahalo for reading!

Gift Cards

If you'd prefer to pre-purchase personal services or give a gift certificate instead of donating, you can buy e-gift cards, delivered by email, via Square (no expiration):

Please be aware that until I have a new space to teach and/or offer sessions, gift cards can be redeemed when possible, and I cannot guarantee any timeline for incall services.

I will have promotional offers for using gift cards later, once I'm in a better situation, and can figure out what those offers would be.

Checks & Money Orders

To send a donation by check or money order, please fill it out to "Matthew Galena", and send to my business mailbox at The UPS Store:

Matthew Galena
1215 S Kihei Rd
Kihei, HI 96753

Please address exactly as shown to ensure delivery!

Currently there is a single "Grassroots" option starting at $3.00, but you can change it to any amount at checkout. With enough supporters, small pledges add up!

More tiers or benefits may be added in the future, but for now it's very simple and may stay that way.

NOTE: Donating via Patreon is a monthly subscription until you cancel, and you must make a Patreon account. If you want to make a one-time donation, any option below is better!


  • use a credit card or Paypal for one-time donations

  • option to repeat monthly, cancel any time (Paypal account required)

  • lowest processing fees

  • option to cover fees, so your full donation is received

(Backup Donations URL)


via the Venmo Website


via the CashApp Website

(DO NOT SEND to $matthewgalena without "maui", either access to it has been lost, or someone created a scam account. Either is possible.)

If you are not already using Bitcoin, please use another option. It can be received and withdrawn, but this business is unable to help if anything goes wrong when sending.

Both addresses below receive to the same place. Some Bitcoin wallets or services cannot send to addresses that start with 'bc1', so a legacy alternate is provided.


(Verify it begins with "bc1" and ends with "g3f".)

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Non-bc1: 1HFJzTYQy4vEyt42taE4Zfi2B2j3jhBvzv

(Verify it begins with "1HF" and ends with "vzv".)

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If you want to verify either address receives from your wallet, you can send a very small amount, and request by email to "[email protected]" that I confirm it arrived before sending anything more. Please include the exact amount to be confirmed.