Incall Studio

The studio location for incall services is located in a private condo in North Kihei.

There are no walk-in services. All services are by appointment only. The studio address and directions are provided to individuals upon making an incall reservation. This prevents knocking on my door for walk-in service while I'm already busy working with someone.

If you want to see the current space, the photos below were taken February 2017.

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FAQ:  Is that an air conditioner under the window?  Do you use it?

Answer: Yes, that's an A/C. It's used as necessary and/or preferred by whomever is in the room. I prefer to keep the windows open with a breeze moving through, but sometimes that's not always possible on hot days with no wind, or days with strong winds. If you dislike A/C units for some reason, it doesn't have to be used. If you prefer your massage in a refrigerator, let me know ahead of time, so I can get it started early.

Everyone's different. I can accommodate.